One Lawsuite Away
"South Carolina, one of the safest places to work in America, is in danger of becoming one of the most unsafe places to invest in jobs." Governor John Engler, President, National Association of Manufacturers

Business thrive when they operate in a predictable and stable environment. Unfortunately, South Carolina is not providing a predictable and stable environment for our businesses in the areas of business litigation and workers' compensation.

The South Carolina Civil Justice Coalition urges you to read the white paper, whose executive summary is below, and to pledge your support to its call-to-action to bring these issues to the South Carolina General Assembly in 2009, by adding your name and/or the name of your business to the list of signatories.

Executive Summary

As stated in Thomas Freidman’s best selling book, The World is Flat, the global playing field has become level, and in order for businesses to succeed they must change the way they operate.  Site selection now has a global scope, and businesses are looking to set up shop in locations with low costs and positive, overall business climates.  Civil justice issues such as low workers’ compensation premiums and predictable, fair litigation environments largely factor into creating a positive business climate.  And countries/states with unpredictable and unstable civil justice systems are left out of the competition. 

South Carolina is such a state, and its current legal climate and workers’ compensation system is stifling its economic growth.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s 2008 assessment of state liability systems ranked South Carolina 43 rd among all 50 states in the fairness of its litigation environment.  Among the 42 states with fairer litigation climates are many of SC’s neighboring states, including North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Tennessee. 

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